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For laclef-a-verite to listen to. //sob.


Smoke rises in the city of glass
Oh how things have come to pass

White figures in a fog of grey
Such a beautiful sunrise lights such a dark day

Swirling in the Idris sky
Ashes of a Nephilim to young to die

Maxwell, Maxwell
We bid you farewell
But in our fight we cannot pause
Even you, in death, still serve the cause
Loyalty, courage and trust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust x2

Alec’s tear’s hidden by long black bangs
Izzy’s cries drown out when the church bell rang
Jace’s grief pushed down inside
So nobody will see him cry

Robert and Mayrse still too shocked to feel
The absence of their son is just too real
As the Glass City sky is choked
With the soot and ash of Max’s smoke


Angel wings…carry you home x4


+Credit to Alice Invictus+

  1. laclefaverite said: Ohh… So beautiful. My little sis asked who Maxwell was. And I had to keep myself from explaining everything otherwise I’d remember. :(
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